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A natural with numbers, Duncan quickly rose from accounting to operation and sales to executive vice president. Duncan can sneak up on you. They just do it in many different ways today. On the road frequently in the early years, he still puts in 70- to 100-hour weeks when putting together a deal and admits his life's only regret is not spending more time with his four children. (The Duncans come in at No. A week later, he became ill with fever and chills. Williams is the only sibling involved in running the family business. A New Democrat, Duncan was the only non- Conservative MP from Alberta from the 2008 election until . She's in the news recently as she just bought her home state's top magazine, Texas Monthly. Robert is the wealthiest of the foursome. Forbes ranks Williams as tied for the 88th wealthiest person in the United States with an estimated net worth of $6.2 billion. "Major companies wanted to do business with companies with significant assets. At No. Duncan Williams is a member of the board of trustees of the Houston Zoo and the Houston Museum of Natural Science. Williams is the only one of four. After Wanda was sold in 1968, Duncan decided to go out on his own. A year and a half later, his worth now at $6 billion, his profile raised by a $100 million gift to Baylor College of Medicine, Duncan remains one of the city's least known heavy hitters. Astros GM Dana Brown sees bright future for top prospect Drew Gilbert, This is how astronauts see Houston, Texas Gulf from space with unaided eyes, Roger Clemens makes surprise appearance at Astros' Spring Training, Texas lawmaker files bill to make menstrual products tax free, Proposed Texas bill would offer 12 weeks of paid family leave, Heres how you can watch 'Daisy Jones and the Six', Texas tornados destroy homes, leave 300,000 without power, Texas Republican wants to ban access to abortion websites. The four children of pipeline mogul Dan Duncan Randa Duncan Williams, Milane Frantz, Dannine Duncan Avara, and Scott Duncan inherited a $10 billion estate from their father when he died in . Top party schools in every state. $2.5 billion, according to our most recent tally. Born with a hearing defect in both ears, he speaks very softly, with a clipped Southern accent and difficulty pronouncing his r's and l's. Randa Duncan Williams is non-executive chairman of Enterprise Products Partners, the pipeline giant her father Dan Duncan (d. 2010) founded in 1968. book to class, Oops! On his first date with Jan, six months after Billie's death, Duncan spoke of how he loved to be married, how he would still be married if his wife hadn't died. 13. In February this year we launched the Pacific INEOS Belstaff, then the worlds largest ethane carrier, and today alongside our highly anticipated Grenadier 4X4 we have added the second of the worlds largest VLECs to our growing fleet.. Some brokers just had telephones.". With a law degree from the University of Houston, Williams practiced law for about 6 years beginning in 1988, handling toxic tort cases and property liability cases. INEOS makes major $1.4 billion acquisition of US onshore oil and gas assets, INEOS Announces Closing of Offering of Senior Secured Notes Due 2028. Randa Duncan Williams is a businessperson who has been at the helm of 5 different companies and presently occupies the position of Non-Executive Chairman for Enterprise Products Partners LP, Chairman for Enterprise Products Co., President of DLD Family Investments LLC and Chairman for EPCO Holdings, Inc. Are ticket costs pricing Houston Astros fans out of Opening Day? Texas Monthly has a new owner. Forrest Wilder writes about politics and the outdoors. The four Bass brothers Sid, Edward, Robert, and Lee each inherited $2.8 billion from their oil tycoon uncle Sid Richardson after his death in 1959. Duncan had four adult children, each of whom is also a billionaire. In addition to a more robust web presence, Texas Monthly has introduced new podcasts and new live events such as Texas Monthly LIVE and the annual EDGE: The Texas Monthly Festival. Alice Walton isnt the only Texan whos a member of the Walton dynasty. By the late 1970s, when Enterprise really started building assets, Duncan could borrow $300 million from the bank. In Palm Trees and Power Lines, Lea (Lily McInerny) is a 17-year-old girl on summer break in Southern California, spending her days lying out in the sun and hanging out with her best friend, Amber (Quinn Frankel), among others. The Crude Oil Pipelines & Services segment owns a crude oil pipeline system. But its message, even if its tough to swallow, is a powerful one that deserves attention, and its delivered strongly by all involved. Williams is the daughter of the late Dan Duncan, who was formerly the richest man in Houston. 2010 - present. Enterprise Products owns over 50,000 miles of energy pipelines, natural gas processing plants and a large oil storage facility on the Gulf Coast. I . Randa Duncan was born to Barbara Ann and Dan Duncan. What Randa wants to bring is an acceleration of those investmentsto make the print magazine better than ever and extend that same level of excellence in storytelling across other platforms. Williams served as the president and chief executive officer (CEO) of Enterprise Products and vice president at Enterprise Products from 1994 to February 2001. She sits on the board of the University of Texas Health Science Center where a clinic is named after her father at the Children's Learning Institute. Peter Dawson is a digital reporter in Houston. Dan Duncan famously founded the energy empire that would become Enterprise Products Partners with just $10,000 and a couple of propane trucks. The gift dwarfed any previous donation to the Texas Medical Center. About INEOS: INEOS is a global manufacturing company making the raw materials and energy used for everyday life. When Duncan was 7, his brother, Joe, fell and cut his hand on a tin can. Based in the Texas capital of Austin, Texas Monthly began publishing in 1973 under the leadership of Mike Levy, who sold it in 1998 to Indianapolis-based Ennis Communications. Please visitwww.enterpriseproducts.comfor more information. Texas Monthly has won 13 National Magazine Awards, and editors have included William Broyles Jr., later a successful screenwriter, and Evan Smith, co-founder of The Texas Tribune. She was on the trustee boards for the Manned Space Flight Education Foundation, River Oaks Baptist School and the Houston A+ Challenge. It highlights perfectly the immense breadth of the company which now spans from chemicals and energy, to fashion and automotive. West Texans Are Learning What It Means to Live in Bear Country, H-E-Bs True Texas BBQ Restaurant Is Slipping, How Florence ButtNot Her SonLaunched the H-E-B Empire. Wendy Davis Returns to the Texas Capitol and a Whole New Political Landscape. Shes not ostentatious and she doesnt flaunt her wealth with fancy cars and other flashy indulgences, friends say. Photo courtesy of Texas Monthly/Gittings Photography, These 4 Houstonians cash in on Forbes' list of richest American families, United Way 2014-15_Single Promoted Articles, MD Anderson Breast Cancer Promoted Article, Professional Skin Treatments by NuMe Express, CultureMap Houston Holiday Pop-up Shop 2017, Martha Turner Sotheby's International Realty, Discomfort of subject matter in Palm Trees and Power Lines serves to prove its strength. According to the company, Texas Monthlys total audience has grown 76 percent since late 2016. June 25, 2019 35 Texas Monthly magazine has a new owner. WWE SmackDown results as Cody Rhodes and Roman Reigns come face-to-face. The net worth of Fort Worth billionaire Alice Walton, the only daughter of Walmart founder Sam Walton, accounts for a little over one-fourth of the family fortune. She and her 3 siblings each hold an 8% stake in the family business. The company makes money from oil and gas pipelines and the transportation and processing of natural gas liquids from fracking. his eldest daughter, Randa Duncan Williams, chairs the Enterprise Products Partners board. She was elected as a board director in 2010 and as chairman in 2013. INEOS businesses have put in place the plans and actions needed to ensure that they lead the transition to a net zero economy by no later than 2050, whilst remaining profitable, and staying ahead of evolving regulations and legislation. Dan Duncan died of a cerebral hemorrhage at his home in Houston on March 28, 2010. Donald Trumps real net worth? Palm Trees and Power Lines opens on March 3 in select theaters. Randa enjoys the highest profile among the four Duncan siblings. The partnerships assets include more than 50,000 miles of pipelines; over 260 million barrels of storage capacity for NGLs, crude oil, refined products and petrochemicals; and 14 billion cubic feet of natural gas storage capacity. Forbes estimates shes worth about $68 billion, making her the richest resident of Texas and the richest Walton heir. Scott B. Houston pitmaster goes viral after hilarious TV interview, Willie Nelson's new album is a lovely tribute to a fellow country legend, Two ocelots were photographed crossing a road in rare South Texas sighting, Turner: TEA is giving Houston ISD two optionsclose school or be taken over. The EIN for the organization is 59-1630423. Forbes lists Williams at the 290th richest person in the world, with an estimated net worth of $6.4 billion. He thought that such a new business niche could make him a profitable living. Randa Duncan Williams is the daughter of the late Dan Duncan, who was the richest man in Houston when he died in 2010. 1This 123-Day Report of Registration for apresidential general election is the second report of its kind; therefore, its data is being compared to the first 124-Day Report of Registration on July 7, 2016, and the 154Day Reports of . Astros GM Dana Brown has more praise team's top prospect, This is what Houston looks like from space, MLB legend makes surprise appearance at Astros' Spring Training, Meet the Astros prospect tearing up Spring Training, Report: Houston ranked No. The breakthrough started in the late '90s. The Austin-based publication is being acquired by an entity owned by Houston investor Randa Duncan Williams, Texas Mon Political party. Tucker is also well-suited for his part, coming off as non-threatening but still persuasive. The Basses hold down the No. Back home, Duncan was breezing through school. In 2018, according to the Forbes 400, Williams, along with two of her siblings. 8. As new forms of digital media have changed consumer habits and upended the advertising industry, many traditionally print-based publishing businesses have shut their doors, downsized, or consolidated. Did Enterprise dispute the amount? Forbes says the stock generates more than $700 million in annual dividend income for the family. After practicing law for several years, she joined Enterprise in 1994, becoming chairwoman in 2013. Hobbys group paid $25 million for the magazine in 2016. In addition to its name, the ship also carries the Grenadier logo proudly emblazoned on its side. Jos R. Ralat is Texas Monthlys taco editor, writing about tacos and Mexican food. She has her bachelor's degree in political science and economics from Rice University and her law degree from the University of Houston. Almost by definition, Enterprise seemed destined to stay under the radar. The Duncan Family is the 21st-wealthiest family in the world, with a combined $26 billion net worth. This chart shows Randa Duncan Williams's buying and selling at Enterprise Products Partners by year and by quarter. [4], In 2019, she purchased Texas Monthly'. Randa Duncan Williams Vice President 1996 - present. [5][6], Williams is a member of the board of trustees for the Houston Zoo, was a member of the board of trustees for the Houston Museum of Natural Science since 1995 and its chairman. An East Texas country boy who resembles John Glenn without the crinkles, he's nothing like the brash, rough-hewn Texas oil baron of old. If you fill out the first name, last name, or agree to terms fields, you will NOT be added to the newsletter list. Nowhere can that be more jarring than amid the hundreds of mounted animals at his ranch house in Smithville, about 50 miles southeast of Austin. Goodgame said hes proud of Texas Monthlys recent growth across platforms that extends to live events, podcasts and beyond. Texas Monthly should be in good hands under her stewardship, Stein said. "My family is delighted to provide the resources to support this iconic Texas institution, which is nationally recognized for its editorial flair.". Duncan's rise didn't come without struggles. Dan Duncan needs no reminder. Profession. Genesis Park, a private equity company led by Houstonian Paul Hobby, bought Texas Monthly for $25 million in 2016, presumably to groom the magazine and sell it. They have looked under every rock. Likewise, Tom aside from the inherently creepy idea of a 34-year-old man pursuing a 17-year-old girl doesnt come across as a monster. Randa Duncan Williams, heiress of an oil and gas fortune and a native Texan, chairs the holding company that announced today its purchase of The National Magazine of Texas. It was previously owned by Genesis Park, a private equity firm also in Houston. Williams is a well-known philanthropist who contributes to numerous Houston-based charities. I cant think of a better steward for the heritage of Texas Monthly, said former Houston Mayor Bill White, whos a close friend. The net worth of each heir exceeds $5 billion. This weeks Current Climate, which every Saturday brings you the latest news about the business of sustainability. The hub of its NGL processing is just east of Houston in Mont Belvieu, known as the natural gas liquids capital of the world due to its massive complex of underground salt dome storage and processing plants. Houston billionaire Randa Duncan Williams, chairwoman of midstream giant Enterprise Product Partners LP and daughter of its late founder, leads the company that has now acquired Texas Monthly. Levy sold the. PACs. All Rights Reserved. In most of the nation's largest cities, mayoral elections are officially nonpartisan.However, many officeholders are affiliated with political parties. Her father Dan Duncan became the first American billionaire to pass his fortune tax-free to his descendants due to a temporary repeal of the estate tax law in 2010. The process of connecting wells to consumers is one of the most unglamorous but profitable corners of the energy industry. Use our Product finder instead. She is the Chairwoman of Enterprise's board of directors. It provides world class off-road capability and durability to those who depend on a vehicle as a working tool, wherever they are in the world. Hackett predicts the biggest player is likely to be Randa Duncan Williams, the late oil man's daughter who heads the family foundation. For example, preservation of food and clean water; construction of wind turbines, solar panels and other renewable technologies; for construction of lighter and more fuel-efficient vehicles and aircraft; for medical devices and applications; for clothing and apparel; and for insulation and other industrial and home applications. But, for some, Williams might not be a household name. She and her 3 siblings each hold an 8% stake in the family business. By the time she discovers the truth about Toms life, it may be too late to go back. With his ruddy complexion, smooth skin and occasionally impish grin, he exudes the warmth of your favorite uncle. She joined Enterprise in 1994 as vice president. Named after the rugged off-road vehicle, the Pacific INEOS Grenadier is a 99,000 CBM VLEC (Very Large Ethane Carrier) and is the latest ship to join the INEOS fleet. She is chairwoman of Houston-based Enterprise Products Partners, the pipeline giant founded by her father, and owns Austin-based Texas Monthly magazine. I knew about her passion for the brand, Hobby said, and it was a logical conclusion that she would be interested., From that point on, the sale process involved a rigorous review of the business by Williamss team, Brown said. "In this business, everyone has the same product," said Duncan, who owns 37 percent of Enterprise. A graduate of the University of California at Los Angeles, he previously worked for the Raleigh News & Observer, the National Catholic Register, the Los Angeles Downtown News and the San Clemente Sun-Post. Duncan Williams, who declined to be interviewed, said Tuesday that she will buy Texas Monthly, called the National Magazine of Texas, from a private equity group led by another Houstonian, Paul Hobby, for an undisclosed amount. His nice guy look hides the type of person his character truly is. Williams is the only one of four siblings involved in running the family business; all four inherited equal stakes in the company. 1 of 11. And how much money does she have, anyways? Jonathan Tucker and Lily McInerny in Palm Trees and Power Lines. Thanks to a routine annual physical required by banks "When you owe millions of dollars, they worry about your health," he said it was caught early and, after radical surgery with a nerve-sparing technique, he made a full recovery. His eldest daughter, Randa Duncan Williams, acknowledges that he wasn't around that much, but she said that wasn't uncommon among her circle of friends. The company was founded by Dan L. Duncan in April 1998 and is headquartered in Houston, TX. As one of the two largest companies of its kind in the nation, Enterprise boasts more than 32,000 miles of onshore and offshore pipelines and nearly 175 million barrel equivalents of natural gas and natural gas liquids storage capacity. This website is published by INEOS on behalf of its businesses. Plus, whether stronger penalties slow retail theft, the deal with all the near-misses on airport runways, and more. Current Climate: Big Techs Massive Carbon Footprint, Xavi Speaks On FC Barcelonas Defensive Masterclass Against Real Madrid Ahead Of Valencia Clash, How Scott Boras Used Baseballs No-Shift Rule To Get Pay Raises For Underachieving Clients, Manchester City Ready To Sell Bernardo Silva To FC Barcelona And Name Asking Price - Reports, FC Barcelona And Real Madrid Presidents Met To Discuss European Super League Strategy Before El Clasico - Reports, Xavi And Laporta Clash On Raphinha Summer Sale By FC Barcelona - Reports, Friday, March 3.